Video Competition

1) Entry rules:

  • Make a video advertising the Veebo app. Winners are chosen on creativity and marketing style.
  • Download Veebo here:
  • Three winners of a $500 Amazon Gift Card each
  • All videos must be posted publicly on your own platforms. You can submit just one video on an approved social media platform or up to 4 videos on different platforms to increase your chances of being selected.

2) Accepted platforms:

  • TikTok video: (minimum 10 seconds)
  • Youtube Video: (minimum 30 seconds plug starting in the first minute of the video, you can post it in your normal vlog as a sponsored content message or just a video alone about Veebo)
  • Facebook or Instagram video (minimum 15 seconds)
  • Competition starts July 10th and tentatively ends September 10th.
  • Winners will be contacted through email, enter here (
  • In the event that the winners do not reply within 7 days, a new winner is chosen.
  • In the event that a winner does not submit their original video file for download and use by Veebo within 3 days of confirming their win through email, another winner may be chosen.

3) Ideas:

  • Show off your marketing creativity: use your own or stock footage to make a Veebo advertisement. Make a sponsored video ad during your normal Youtube videos or make a Youtube video just to advertise Veebo. Make a Tik Tok about Veebo as a group video chatting hack. Videos should cover the concept of Veebo so that anyone can understand what the app is good for.
  • With Veebo you can plan, and manage your party as easy as using an app. Also track RSVP, and communicate directly with them.
  • Now with COVID-19, Veebo let’s you continue to celebrate your life via group video chat with friends or family for free.
  • Veebo allows you to switch between devices easily so you can continue the video on your laptop if your phone battery is low or if you are on your laptop and want to continue on your phone on the go. Veebo aims to help bring people together so they never miss any special celebrations like birthdays, weddings or more.
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